Babi Mild Ultra Mild Baby Utensil Cleaner

“Gentle formula .. With natural cleansing agents Which is used to mix in food (No perfume ingredients), most leading hospitals choose.

  • Natural cleaning agents Corn and coconut Helps remove grease Wash dirt
  • Orange flavor Food Grade without perfume
  • Without adding color to the product
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Without parabens
  • Free of cleaning agents That cause irritation
  • Free of formaldehyde Human carcinogens that affect the respiratory tract Cause irritation
  • Dermatologically Tested through skin irritation test Be assured of safety
  • Phosphate-free Not destroying the ecosystem in the water
  • Received halal marks Is a product that is produced Or any sale that is not contrary to the provisions of Islam

Package Size : 650 ml, 600 ml refill type, 1,600 ml refill type

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