Babi Mild Ultra Mild Pure Natural – Head And Body Bath

Gentle liquid soap, tight bubbles, easy to wash, not dry skin Enriched with Essence from wheat germ, X2 concentrated with vitamin E And essential fatty acids Helps to strengthen the skin and strengthen immunity. Therefore helps protect the skin from dirt, pollution and prevents loss of water from the skin, making it soft, moist, healthy.

  • Bath and wash: developed for washing and washing
  • Contains 2 major natural ingredients: wheat germ and glycerin, which are naturally gentle without chemicals
  • pH BALANCED: remained naturally as a skin moisturizer (non-alkaline)
  • Target: baby products
  • Dermatological Test: Passed the Irritation Test approved by dermatologists.

Package Size : 200 ml., 400 ml. (Pumping cap)., 400 ml. (Refill)

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